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Prague has first female garbage collector*

Lenka Stodolova, 26, has become the first female driver of a waste collection vehicle in the capital of Prague, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote on Wednesday.

She appreciates her new job, saying it is surprisingly clean work since as a driver, she does not get in touch withWChoice dirt and waste at all.

"This type of work attracted me because of the working hours and its contentWChoice," Lenka, who started driving a huge waste collection vehicle six months ago, told MfD1.

She said she had always likedVForm big carsWChoice. AtPreposition aArt secondary school, she was first consideringVForm studying law, but she changed her mind. She learnt2 about the offer of her current job when she moved from Tabor, southCapitalization Bohemia, to Prague to join her boy-friendSpl.

She was also consideringVTense becoming a truck driver, but the unstableWChoice working hours discouraged her.

On the contrary3 as a waste vehicle driver, she starts at five in the morning regularlyWOrder and returns to the municipal garages at 13:00. Then she has the whole afternoon off, MfD writes.

The male team of dustmenWChoice accepted the first female co-worker enthusiastically. Her employer, theArt Prague Municipal Services, only had to adjust the workplace and prepare a changing room and a separate toilet for her. She also needed a new workingWForm outfit, MfD writes.

Lenka praisesWChoice her job saying it is calm and surprisingly clean. She says she is listeningVForm to audio books during her shift.

Only some cars parked??? in the narrow streets of Prague may cause problems as she must bypassWChoice them with a 3.5-tonne waste collection vehicle, MfD says.

  1. awkward construction, rewrite sentence

  2. consider learned as a more common form for this past tense

  3. awkward, not an argument being presented

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Totals -19 0
1 ??? ??? Incomprehensible text Sense -1 -1
0 Agr S/VAgreement Subject/verb agreement error Grammar -1
2 Art Art Article error Grammar -1 -2
1 Cap Capitalization Capitalization error Punctuation -1 -1
0 Con Conj/Trans Conjunction/Transition error Linking -1
0 Cou Count/Non-Count Count/non-count error Grammar -1
0 Cut Cut Cut -- this text is not necessary Sense -1
0 For Formatting Formatting problem Mechanics -1
0 Frg Fragment Sentence fragment Grammar -1
0 Mis MissingW Missing word or words Grammar -1
0 Mod Modifier Misplaced or dangling modifier Grammar -1
0 Par Parallel Parallel construction problem Grammar -1
0 Plu Sing/Plu Singular/plural error Grammar -1
1 Pre Preposition Wrong or misused preposition Grammar -1 -1
0 Prg Paragraphing Paragraphing problem Sense -1
0 Pun Punctuation Punctuation Punctuation -1
0 Qot Quote Inaccurate quotation Content
0 Rep Repetition Repetition of information or phrase Style -1
0 Spa Space Missing space Editing -1
1 Spl Spl Spelling Spelling -1 -1
0 Vag Vague Vague reference Sense -1
3 VFo VForm Verb form Grammar -1 -3
1 VTe VTense Verb tense Grammar -1 -1
7 WCh WChoice Poor word choice Vocabulary -1 -7
1 WFo WForm Word form Morphology -1 -1
1 WOr WOrder Word order Syntax -1 -1
0 Int Interesting This is an interesting point. Content 0
0 Exc Excellent! Excellent! Well done. Content 1
0 Gd Good! Good! Content 1
0 Grm GoodGrammar Well-constructed phrase or sentence Grammar 1
0 WCh GoodWordChoice Good choice of vocabulary Vocabulary 1
0 Yes Yes! Yes! I agree. Content 1